Alde 3020-9051 Compact Kit

Alde 3020-9051 Compact Kit

Ref: MMNC3020


The Alde 3020 Compact high efficiency combi boiler is ideal for central heating systems in boats, motorhomes, caravans and portable cabins. It provides 7.5 kW of heat, through up to 14 m of convector. The boiler gives you central heating that is clean, efficient, silent, reliable, and versatile, powered by LPG and/or 230 V electricity. With its multi-stage burner, the boiler only uses as much energy as needed to heat the living space, eliminating waste.

All system connections are on one side, allowing the unit to be installed in the smallest of spaces, and the flexible flue means you can position the boiler and terminal where you want. The control panel cable has moulded quick connectors making the job of installing the boiler easier and safer. Why not invest in the additional engine heat exchanger, so you can transfer engine heat into your central heating system while on the move, making use of all that free energy!

The Alde 3020 Compact HE combi boiler comes with the installation kit containing: control panel, control panel cable (8.5 m), roof flue terminal, outlet exhaust hose, inlet air hose,.

Note: Alde UK recommends the use of propane in this system within the UK.

Dimensions: Height 310 Length 490 Breadth 340 mm
Weight: 14 kg
Max gas power output: 5.5 kW (propane), 6.4 kW (butane)
Max electric power output: 2.1 kW
Max gas consumption: 405 g/h (propane), 460 g/h (butane)
Gas pressure: 28-30/37 mbar (I3+)
Fluid capacity: 8.4 L (fresh water), 3.5 L (glycol)
Max fluid pressure: 3000 mbar (fresh water), 500 mbar (glycol)
Max current: 1 A (start-up), 0.4 A (LPG), 0.2 A (230 V), 0 A (optional 230 V pump)
Min flue length: 0.5 m (side), 2 m (roof)
Max flue length: 1.5 m (side), 3.5 m (roof)