Thetford C-263 S Cassette Toilet China Bowl

Thetford C-263 S Cassette Toilet China Bowl

Ref: C263/S


Thetford C-263 S swivel bowl cassette toilet has a

ceramic toilet bowl for maximum hygiene. 

This toilet is designed to be connected directly to the

motorhome, caravan or boat water system & 12V

electrical system for flushing.

The C263 S toilet Bowl can be swiveled

180 degrees to free up additional bathroom space.

Waste cassette tank is fitted with wheels & extendable

handle, for ease of transport.


  • Waste tank level gauge
  • Colour - White
  • Electric Flush
  • Integrated pour-out-spout
  • Waste tank capacity: 17.5L
  • Supplied with 1 cassette
  • Supplied without cassette door

Dimensions: 750mm(h) x 417mm(w) x 603mm(d)

Weight: 17.1Kg