Victron BMV 700 Battery Monitor

Victron BMV 700 Battery Monitor

Ref: BMV-700


    Victron's New BMV 700 battery monitor
    is the latest addition to the 'battery fuel gauge'
    range. It is packed with features including-
    - Battery voltage (V)
    - Battery charge/discharge current(A)
    - Ampere-hours consumed (Ah)
    - State of charge (%)
    - Power consumption in watts 
    - Time to go at the current rate of discharge

    Other features include :

  • Voltage range 6.5 - 95V DC
  • Visual and audible alarm: over- and under
    voltage, and/or battery discharged
  • Alarm contacts (Can be used to signal a generator to start)
  • Ultra high resolution display 
  • Data out communication. (allows connection of a PC or laptop)
  • Current consumption: < 4mA
  • Battery Capacity - 20 - 9999Ah
  • VE.Direct Communication Port
  • Dimensions h65 x w65 x d30 mm
  • 2 year warranty
  • The BMV 600s is supplied with a 500A shunt,
    10 metre RJ 12 UTP cable and 2 metre battery
    cable with fuse. It can be face fixed or panel
    mounted and is supplied with a square & round
    face options. No other components are required
    for installation
  • Manufacturers Datasheet (PDF)
  • User & Installation Manual
  • Quick installation guide