Victron Global Remote 2

Victron Global Remote 2

Ref: VGR


The Global Remote is a modem which sends alarms, warnings
and system status reports to mobile phones via text messages (SMS). It can also log data from Victron Battery Monitors, Multi’s, Quattro’s and Inverters to a website through a GPRS connection. The usage of this website is free of charge.

The global remote can be programmed to send a text messages if the battery voltage is to low or to high, or if the state of charge is low! A prepaid SIM-card (for example) in combination with the Global Remote is all you need to remotely monitor your system.

Advanced usage: Monitoring historic data
Taking it one step further, an internet browser and connection is all you need to view all of the data online. You can simply create an account on the BMV-600S or 602S Battery Monitor.To connect to a BMV  you will also need the BMV connection kit (purchased separately)